What defines a transfer student?

Syracuse University considers you a transfer student if you earned a high school diploma/GED, enrolled in a degree program at another college or university, and completed at least 12 credit hours.  If you have taken college classes without enrolling in a degree program, or will have less than 12 credits when you plan to enroll at SU, you should apply as a first-year student. If you’re unsure of your status, please email


When will I receive my credit evaluation to see which credits will transfer?

If you are admitted to Syracuse University you will receive your credit evaluation within 2 weeks after receiving your admissions decision.


I applied to Syracuse before; will I need to submit a new application?

Application materials are held for one year. If you applied over one year ago, then you will need to submit a new application. If you applied within the past year, then you only need to send an email request to to reactivate your existing application.


Can I take courses on a part-time basis?

Yes, through University College. University College is the gateway to Syracuse University for part-time matriculated students whose goal is to pursue a degree or earn a certificate or credential from any of SU’s schools and colleges. Please visit the University College website for more information.


Can I still apply even though the deadline has passed?

Yes. Transfer applications are reviewed on a space-available basis. Please email and include what program(s) you are interested in to find out if space is still available.


Do you accept credits from my college?

Syracuse University grants credit for courses you successfully completed at other accredited institutions. Transfer credit policies vary, depending on the Syracuse school/college to which you apply. You can also find more information about transfer credit in the course catalog. Please email your questions related to your individual circumstances to


How old can my transfer courses be?

There is no predetermined time limit for credits to be eligible to transfer. Syracuse University will evaluate transfer credits on an individual basis.


What is the maximum number of transfer credits SU will accept?

SU will accept up to 66 credits from a two-year college and 90 credits from a four-year institution.


How many credits and what GPA do I need to be admitted?

Applicants to Syracuse University are very different from one another, presenting a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. Your admission to SU is based on many factors, not only your GPA. Students can apply as transfers regardless of the number of college credits they have already completed.


Do I need to submit high school information and standardized test scores?

Transfer students are evaluated primarily on the basis of their college-level work. If you have completed fewer than 30 credits of college-level academic coursework, you must also submit an official copy of your high school transcript along with the results of your SAT or ACT examinations.


When should I apply?

Transfer students applying for the fall semester should submit their completed application by July 1. However, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible as admission notification begins late February.

Transfer students applying for the spring semester are encouraged to submit their completed application by November 15.

Applications received after these dates will be considered on a space-available basis.


Are there merit scholarships available for transfer students?

Transfer students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for merit scholarships.  Syracuse University offers merit scholarships up to $6,000 for transfer students. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships when their application is reviewed by the Admissions Selection Committee.  Merit-based scholarships are available to all qualified applicants and members of Phi Theta Kappa.


Does Syracuse University provide housing for transfer students?

Housing is available, but not guaranteed for transfer students who submit their application in a timely manner. Transfer students also have the opportunity to live together in one of our residence halls as part of the Interest Housing Program, an option of the Learning Communities at Syracuse University.


Can I reapply to Syracuse University?

Yes. If you applied to Syracuse within the past year, your application is on file. Please email to request to reactivate your application, including information about what you have done since your original application, to which college/program you wish to apply, and for which semester you wish to apply. You will also need to submit your recent college transcript, if applicable.


Can I earn a second bachelor’s degree?

On a case-by-case basis students, may be able to earn a second bachelor’s degree. Please email for more information.