More than 2,000 international students attend Syracuse University.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Javier Romero Achon
Dual Broadcast and Digital Journalism and Information Management Technology Major
Class of 2019

“I’m a dual major in broadcast and digital journalism and information management technology. I’ve been interested in journalism since I was seven and I thought it would be great if I could combine it with the more technological side. I am really happy to have been accepted into such an outstanding combination of majors.”

Shuyuan Chen
Dual Economics and Religion Major
Class of 2015

“My professors are extremely helpful in both academic and career planning and I’ve been able to pursue two distinct majors that interest me. Almost all of the internship and job offers I have received so far, even those in banking or international business, were interested by both my economics courses and my religion courses.”

Adeyemi Adediran
Philosophy Major
Class of 2016

“I am finally attaining the heights I have always felt I could reach. I have been truly amazed by the desires of many professors to go out of their way to help and make their students better. That is what education should be all about.”


Layan Khayat
Saudi Arabia
Undecided major
Class of 2015

“I wanted to explore! As an international student coming to America, I wanted to go somewhere different, different than the typical cities such as New York City or Boston. When I first visited SU, I fell in love with the campus. It was exactly what I wanted. I love the fact that there are different schools and colleges within the University. Seeking help is easy. The writing center will welcome you with any questions; also the tutoring center is a great place if you have difficulties in any course.”


Abdulrazzak Alanjari

Class of 2015

“The diverse student body as well as the experience that I would gain being in one of the top architecture schools in the nation – that’s why I chose Syracuse. The school spirit is also amazing and really one of a kind to find in a medium-sized school. I also like how involved the student body is with the city of Syracuse.”


Athirah Amani Mohd Nasir
International Relations in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs/College of Arts and Sciences
Class of 2014

“SU is one of the best universities for the International Relations major. Maxwell School is consistently ranked as a leading graduate school for public affairs, too. I have enjoyed the wide selection of clubs, student associations and honor societies, and the overall abundance of fun activities held for the students!”