Personal Interviews

While not required, prospective first-year and transfer students have the opportunity to schedule a personal interview with an admissions representative. Representatives include Admissions staff, current students and alumni. Interviews for prospective first-year students (high school seniors) will be offered on a space-available basis during the summer and fall and are limited to one per student. Prospective transfer students are interviewed throughout the year.

Please note, personal interviews are not offered on campus on Saturdays or during Fall Receptions.

Interviews are also offered in select off-campus locations during the fall. Remaining locations are listed below.


Off-campus interview locations


Interviews in the U.S.

Admissions representatives will host personal interviews in the following areas this fall.  Please note that dates will be posted as soon as they become available and some locations may already be full. Search by interview date and register.  Be aware that there may be interviews scheduled in multiple locations on a single date so be sure to select your intended location.


Interviews in Europe

Admissions representatives will be visiting several locations in Europe to meet with students and host personal interviews.  In addition, Skype interviews can be arranged on an individual basis.  View the interview opportunities in Europe.


Interviews in Asia and South Asia

In partnership with Vericant, Syracuse University provides in-person interview opportunities for Chinese applicants interested in showcasing skills and professionalism to the admissions team.  Vericant will conduct video interviews and short writing samples with our applicants in Mainland China. Vericant does not evaluate candidates but, instead, posts the interviews online for our admissions team to review.  The Vericant interview will form part of your application package if you opt to be interviewed.

Although the Vericant interview is not mandatory, we highly recommend it as it will give you an excellent opportunity to provide insight into your interests and abilities beyond the standard application.

To learn more about Vericant and to schedule an interview, please visit Vericant’s Website.

Vericant provides interviews in the following cities.

Main Cities (3)

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Secondary Cities (10)

Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wuhan, Xi’an, Zhengzhou