Alessia Haddad, ’16 (far right)

“I always knew I wanted to study in the United States, and SU’s School of Architecture is ranked in the top 10. SU is big enough for you to meet other international students and there are so many academic options. If I ended up changing my mind about architecture, I’d have so many other choices. I have to say, everyone has been so kind here!”



Rafael Cifuentes, ’16 (at left)
International Relations

“My advice to European students who are considering SU is to buy warm clothes! I’m a first year student and have been here for only a few weeks, but it’s been very easy to meet people. I chose SU because I was looking for a strong International Relations major, and SU’s is among the best.”



Demir Gonenc ‘14
Public Relations

“I chose SU mainly because of the Newhouse School, its  vision “Scholarship in Action”, and its great campus and history.  My favorite experience here was the group of events  in the first week which allowed me to meet many people and join organizations. Be ambitious and never give up on your studies.  Studying abroad is a very different experience which makes students more connected to the world and become world citizens. Studies pay at the end. Fallow your heart and apply for a major you truly like and that you will enjoy studying. Always try to learn more!”



Shannon Collins, ’16 (far left)
College of Visual and Performing Arts
United Kingdom

“As a first year student, I’ve joined so many groups already – marching band, University Union, Ultimate Frisbee. I’ve really enjoyed everything and feel like I made a great choice coming to SU. It’s okay to arrive here and not be entirely sure of what you want to study; you’ll find your niche very quickly.”