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My favorite thing to study is...

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I'm happiest when I'm...

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What character in Jurassic World do you most identify with…

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When I'm not in class I like to...

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When I picture my career, I am...

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When I'm surfing the web for fun, I'm looking for...

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My plans this weekend include...

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While in college, I'd most like to volunteer by...

You are...

Risk-taker, idea-monger, passion-follower. You're a hard worker, driven to come up with new ideas for projects or businesses. You're highly creative and known for getting things done. You set vision, inspire teams, and frequently go beyond what people expect of you. Sample careers:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Startup executive
  • Sales manager
  • Journalist
  • Business consultant
  • Not-for-profit fundraiser
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You’re always looking for ways to make the world a better place. You have a strong feeling of responsibility to your community. You tend to be trusting and empathetic, which makes it easy for you to boost the morale of any group that you’re a part of. At the end of the day, you enjoy anything that lets you make a difference, help others, and fight social injustices. Sample careers:
  • Teacher
  • Physical therapist
  • Environmental law
  • Public policy advocate
  • Journalist
  • Not-for-profit manager
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You like to express yourself, whether it’s by writing, drawing, acting, playing music, or other activities that let you flex your creative muscle. You have a great imagination and the courage to try new things and risk failure. Some might call you intuitive and flexible. Sample careers:
  • Designer
  • Copy writer
  • Art therapist
  • Fashion designer
  • Game designer
  • Stage manager
  • Film director
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You maintain an independent view and are reluctant to do things in a particular manner just because that’s how they’ve always been done. You find creative and clever ways to solve problems. Some may call you intellectual and a visionary. You're incredibly resilient and can be trusted to rise to the occasion. Sample careers:
  • Systems designer
  • Architect
  • Investment broker
  • Venture capitalist
  • Engineer
  • Actor
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Your favorite question is “why?” You enjoy exploring and learning how things work. You’re methodical and constantly in problem-solving mode, whether you’re in the lab, classroom, or tinkering with your new phone. Solving brainteasers is one of your favorite pastimes. Sample careers:
  • Chemical engineer
  • Economist
  • Anthropologist
  • Journalist
  • Surgeon
  • Computer analyst
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A born leader and not afraid to be the center of attention. You’re willing to make tough choices, yet your optimism and selflessness fosters deep trust in team situations. You create a positive environment through enthusiasm and humor. You find public speaking and persuasion a welcome adventure. Sample careers:
  • Chief executive officer
  • Politician
  • Coach
  • Lawyer
  • Startup executive
  • Broadcast journalist
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