Syracuse University offers several scholarship awards, all of which recognize academic, personal, and creative achievements and consider the barriers a student overcame to achieve success.

Approximately two thirds of Syracuse University students receive need or merit-based awards. There are three cornerstone merit scholarships to recognize academic achievement for top students in programs across the University and include—The Founders’ Scholarship ($20,000 annually), Chancellor’s Scholarship ($15,000 annually), and Dean’s Scholarship ($10,000 annually).  All merit awards are determined at the time of admission.

In addition to our cornerstone awards, the University offers a select number of specialized scholarships for superbly accomplished students, including:

  • The 1870 Scholarship

The 1870 Scholarship is the highest recognition offered by the Office of Admissions. Named for the year in which the university was founded, prospective recipients are evaluated for academic and creative accomplishments, as well as personal achievement and commitment in community service, demonstrated caring for others, and a global perspective.  The award is offered to students in all colleges except Arts and Sciences (see the Coronat Scholars Program).

The 1870 Scholarship covers full tuition for the length of your program (4 or 5 years).


  • Coronat Scholarship

In keeping with the University’s motto suos cultores scientia coronat; Knowledge crowns those who seek Her, Coronat Scholars are selected from the most qualified applicants interested in majoring in the liberal arts. It is a highly competitive opportunity for students with outstanding intellectual curiosity, accomplishment, and courage, who are committed to serving others.

Students selected for the Coronat Scholars Program receive a full tuition award for four years, along with a variety of other benefits.


  • Lyman Cornelius Smith Scholarship

Named for the 19th century industrialist who helped launch the University’s broad-based endeavors in the sciences, the Lyman Cornelius Smith Scholarship is generally awarded to students pursuing study in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

AMOUNT: $30,000 (annually for 4 or 5 years, depending on the length of your program)


  • Erastus O. Haven Scholarship

Named after Syracuse University’s second Chancellor (1874-1880)

Mr. Haven was a minster and an English language, literature and history scholar. He was dedicated to the pursuit of truth. The Erastus O. Haven Scholarship is generally awarded to students pursuing study in the Humanities and social sciences.

AMOUNT: $30,000 (annually for 4 or 5 years, depending on the length of your program)


  • Archbold-Day Scholarship

Inspired by the significant campus expansion realized by former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John D. Archbold, and the fourth Chancellor of Syracuse University, James Roscoe Day, this award recognizes students who show exceptional leadership potential and the promise of changing the world for the better.

AMOUNT: $25,000 (annually for 4 or 5 years, depending on the length of your program)


In addition to these awards, there are scholarship programs within some schools and colleges to recognize exceptional qualifications and achievements aligned with programs of study, including awards that specifically recognize excellence in the arts, music, design, business, and leadership.  Applicants are considered for these scholarships during the admission process and, if there is an application or interview required, contacted for further information.

Syracuse University scholarships are tuition-specific and may be combined with other tuition-specific awards (including those outside of Syracuse University), not to exceed the amount of tuition for each year. If you are a Syracuse University Dependent Tuition Benefit (DTB) eligible student receiving less than 100 percent benefit, your SU merit-based scholarship may be combined with your Dependent Tuition Benefit, up to the cost of full tuition.  If you receive 100 percent tuition benefit from the SU DTB program, or receive a Tuition Exchange award, you will receive a merit-based scholarship in name only, as your scholarship is already included in your Tuition Exchange or Dependent Benefit funding.

Information on maintaining your merit scholarship