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Professionals in communications today operate in a global, complex environment, which requires both broad knowledge and an array of skills. At the Newhouse School, you have the choice of one of eight communications majors, in which you’ll be immersed in real-world, deadline-driven experiences that push boundaries to prepare you for your professional career.

While you acquire skill in visual storytelling, writing, research, collaboration, and presentation, you will also explore fields in the liberal arts and sciences and can engage in a minor outside of communications. You can also pursue dual enrollment with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Whitman School of Management, or the iSchool.

Newhouse Majors

Dual Major Programs

Dual major programs with the Whitman School of Management, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Information Studies (iSchool) are available. This allows you to complete the requirements of two schools’ majors within four years, such as a dual major in marketing at Whitman and public relations at Newhouse.

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