farmers market at Frazer School2Falk College is home to programs that share a common concern for human health and well-being. As a student, you’ll get the experience and guidance you need to solve problems in communities, and make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and families.

Professional coursework begins in your first year, allowing you to delve right into your major. At the same time, you’ll be taking coursework in the liberal arts to broaden your intellect in such fields as the humanities and social sciences.

Falk Majors

*Most popular majors for students interested in a pre-med or pre-health major.

You may also pursue a dual major or a minor from within the college or from one of SU’s eight other undergraduate colleges.

Not sure what you want to pursue?

You can enter the College as “undeclared,” then explore the variety of college and University offerings. In all of the programs, you’ll get a good dose of experience outside the classroom to test your knowledge and to put the theory you’ve learned in the classroom to practice in the community.

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