Good news: sticker price vs. actual cost

Syracuse University strives to meet your full need. Last year, nearly two-thirds of students received more than $260 million in Syracuse University grants and scholarships. Overall, about 75% receive some form of financial support totaling $380 million, including assistance from institutional, federal, state, or private sources.

U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for federal financial aid.  To review the financial aid application requirements and deadlines, visit the Financial Aid website. File financial aid applications at the same time that the admissions application is submitted; do not wait for an admission decision. Federal financial aid will be disbursed to the student account when all financial aid and admission requirements are met, including receipt of official degree bearing transcripts.

Counselors in the financial aid office will work with you to ensure your investment in your education is as affordable as possible.

  • Syracuse University offers financial aid in the form of:
    • Need-based SU grants: Awarded to eligible students because they and their families are not able to pay the full cost of attending.
    • Merit-based scholarships: Awarded at the time of admission based on academic and personal achievements.
    • You may also be eligible for assistance from federal sources, including the Pell Grant, TEACH Grant, Work-Study, and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Program, as well as Federal Direct Student Loans, and Federal Direct Plus Loans (for parents).
    • Other possible aid sources include funding from your home state, private resources, and scholarships from outside SU.