Four Years, Four “Houses”, Four Unique Experiences

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Where you live in college plays a big role in making friends and shaping your experience. As a senior, I have now lived in four completely different places, all of which have their own unique perks and quirks. Below is a breakdown of every place I have lived (or currently live) during my years at... Read more

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Signing up for Random Roommates

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When I was an incoming freshman to SU, I searched tirelessly on the “Class of 2017” Facebook pages, trying to sell myself to potential roommates. Somewhat unsure exactly what type of a roommate I was looking for, I announced to the group that I was seeking “anyone who likes to have a good time but... Read more

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More than Meets the Eye

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Residence Halls

I’ve heard plenty of people argue about the greatest view on campus. I’ve heard Crouse College at sunset; facing the Hall of Languages from the esplanade between Newhouse and Schine; the panorama of campus from the 9th floor lounge of Ernie Davis Hall… Now, don’t get me wrong. All of these view are absolutely gorgeous,... Read more

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