A New York Times article, a phone call, a wish, and four years later

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There is one wish I made a few years back that, as of late, has bothered me above all others. It was an excruciatingly hot day in the middle of August 2012. The sun was blaring as my dad, stepmom, and I waited in the line of cars swerved around the parking lot adjacent to... Read more

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The Newhouse Dream

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I still remember the day I received my acceptance letter from Syracuse University. It was the last acceptance letter I was expecting out of the nine universities around the nation I had applied to. My apprehension was building and all that was occupying my mind was the question, “Is it a big or small envelope?”... Read more

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Seriously, Don’t Skip Class (especially the 8 am’s!)

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I was not looking forward to 8 a.m. classes when I started college. In fact, I was a little weary of classes in general. I’d heard from some older friends that you go to college and spend four years in giant lecture halls, memorizing information, regurgitating it for a test, and then completely forgetting it. I... Read more

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Why You Don’t Need to Stress About Picking a Major

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When I was applying to colleges, the first question I asked myself was, “What do you see yourself pursuing as a career?” This can be a daunting question, but it is absolutely necessary to think about. However, do not think it is the end of the world if by the time you are in college,... Read more

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The Newhouse Life

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Syracuse If you’re interested in coming to Syracuse University, even if you are not considering journalism, public relations, or anything in television or media, I’m sure that you have heard that our communications school is one of the top in the nation—S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Since I am a senior at Newhouse, I... Read more

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Oprah After

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Yesterday, under the sunny, blue sky, our campus glistened. Not only did the sun help us shine, but Oprah Winfrey was visiting our campus dedicating the new 18 million dollar renovation to the Newhouse 2 building. Dick Clark Studios and the Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation are featuring five new state-of-the-art television studios for... Read more

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