When I was accepted into Syracuse almost three years ago, I immediately began counting down the days until orientation. I spent my free time looking up all I needed to know about my future home from dorm rooms, to dining halls, to campus events. My favorite research was about the classes that I would be taking. As an incoming iSchool student, I was really excited to take courses on topics I never had a chance to learn about or experience in high school. When flipping through the pages of SU’s advising handbook, I remember feeling frustrated about all the “extra” courses I would have to take; or the “liberal arts core” as they refer to it. However, as I am now a junior at SU, I can look back on some of these classes that I previously deemed as irrelevant and truly say that they have held more value than I could’ve imagined. Here are some of my favorite liberal arts classes that I’ve taken at Syracuse:

    • SOC 367: Sociology of Sports
      I took this class during Maymester my sophomore year in order to catch up on credits. This means that as opposed to a normal semester schedule, I took the class every day for 4 hours, for 2 weeks, in order to finish the full 3 credits in a much shorter amount of time. We spent these 2 weeks looking at the relationships between sports and race, gender, family, and education. My favorite part of this class was our final project, which was an analysis of a sports-themed movie and how it related back to the topics we went over in class. I did my report on the baseball movie, “Trouble with the Curve”, and focused primarily on gender roles in the industry.


    • PSY 393: Personality
      I took this class during the second semester of my sophomore year, and it is what really sparked my interest in becoming a psychology minor. To my surprise, there was a lot of crossover material between this Personality course and some of my Marketing courses. Learning how people think, and why they think the way they do, really gave me leverage over other students in my marketing courses by giving me a different perspective of marketing techniques.


    • NSD 225: Nutrition in Health
      This class is another great example of an interesting natural science course for those who do not do particularly well in other science courses. Topics included sports nutrition, dietary supplements, food selection, and weight control. It was so cool to learn about eating and dieting habits because its is something that affects us everyday.


    • BIO 105: Technology Inspired by Nature
      I was excited to see that this class was being offered as a natural science requirement, given that I always preferred technology and engineering courses over other sciences like Biology and Chemistry. The main focus of this class was how scientists and researchers can take what they learn from nature and use it to develop new and expanding technologies, such as aerodynamics, solar power, and robotics. Taking this class gave me a new insight and perspective in my future iSchool classes.


Take a look into all of the liberal arts courses that Syracuse has to offer! 

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