I’ve heard plenty of people argue about the greatest view on campus. I’ve heard Crouse College at sunset; facing the Hall of Languages from the esplanade between Newhouse and Schine; the panorama of campus from the 9th floor lounge of Ernie Davis Hall…

Now, don’t get me wrong. All of these view are absolutely gorgeous, but none of them measure up to my favorite view on campus– the front side of Dellplain Hall. (From the right side of Ernie Davis Hall Room 402 to be precise.)

Now, Dellplain Hall is not a the prettiest building on campus. It has teal panels and huge cinder blocks– not exactly what you would call aesthetically pleasing.

So what’s so great about this giant building?

Good Ol' Dellplain

I lived in Ernie Davis Hall, Room 402 my freshman year, and after an insanely hectic day of unpacking my room, going to my first floor meeting, and doing all the freshman orientation activities, I was really overwhelmed.

I finally got in bed for the first time around one in the morning. Before I closed my eyes though, I looked out my window and realized that the last thing I was going to see before I went to sleep every night was big Dellplain Hall.

As I was letting that soak in, I felt this tingle inside my chest, and I felt oddly relaxed. It was a type of happiness I had never quite experienced before. I hadn’t even been in Syracuse a full 24 hours, but just looking out at Dellplain, I instantly knew that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Every night that year, I had the exact same thought as I looked out at Dellplain: I am so happy to be here right now. It didn’t matter if I had a good day or a bad day. It didn’t matter if I was feeling happy or depressed. It didn’t matter if I was stressed or relaxed. Every night I went to bed, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. And by the end of my freshman year, that feeling made that sight the greatest view on campus.


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2 thoughts on “More than Meets the Eye

  1. Nasir Venable says:

    Hi, Ms. Newkirk I currently attend Community College of Philadelphia for my spring semester I’ve changed my major to communications. I wanted to ask you how is the communications school at Syracuse?

    1. Tahirah says:

      Hi Nasir!

      The program here is ranked one of the top in the country, and it’s with good reason. The beginner classes that all Newhouse students are required to take give you a really good overview of how mass communication has evolved overtime. I can also hold my own on video editing software that I never thought I would need to use.
      Specifically in public relations, I’ve gotten great practice in writing to a targeted group since most of communications is knowing exactly who you’re talking to after all.
      Newhouse also encourages you to become a more well-rounded person by making you pick a minor or another major in a different school. It’s definitely a plus because every subject from science to sports to nutrition needs people who can communicate its messages.

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