Phi Sigma Pi Group
“Oh you’re in a fraternity?”

“Where is your house?!”

“Wait, why did you just say hi to that girl who is also wearing your letters?”

“She’s one of your brothers in the fraternity?”

“Why is she called a brother?”

“I am so confused!!”


Those are just a few of the phrases I hear when I tell people I am in an honors fraternity called Phi Sigma Pi. See, Phi Sigma Pi isn’t your typical fraternity. Phi Sigma Pi is built on a tripod of three ideals: scholarship, leadership and fellowship. We also are gender inclusive, which means boys and girls alike, are all fraternity brothers.


When I started my freshman year at Syracuse, I had my heart set on rushing a social fraternity. I never pictured myself in anything like a professional fraternity. Yet, as I rushed, I found it wasn’t for me. But, I still wanted to be a part of Greek life and experience that brotherhood that so many people raved about after their college years.


My sophomore year, I heard about Phi Sigma Pi through a friend. After my first rush event I knew it was the fraternity for me. The diversity of the brothers who made up PSP and the backgrounds in which they all came from amazed me. I did a silent fist pump outside of my dorm room when I got the call saying I was selected to become an initiate of Phi Sigma Pi.


The initiation process brought me closer to all the brothers in this great organization and it gave me the self-confidence that I was lacking at the time. It finally gave me a group to belong to–  something I have been looking for on campus. And, it is great knowing that seventy people have my back. My first full year as a brother, this confidence helped me secure an executive board position. And now, I have learned so much in just two months.


From apple picking to seminars on religion and global issues to leadership workshops, PSP has it all. It helped me expand my knowledge and find things I never knew I was interested in. The balance of fellowship, leadership, and scholarship have helped shape my college experience in so many ways and while this is only a four year stop for me, I know the brothers, the memories we’ve made, and the connections we share will last for a lifetime. No matter where you’re from, who you are, with Phi Sigma Pi–we are all brothers!

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