Syracuse If you’re interested in coming to Syracuse University, even if you are not considering journalism, public relations, or anything in television or media, I’m sure that you have heard that our communications school is one of the top in the nation—S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Since I am a senior at Newhouse, I can attest to the intense workload and courses with phenomenal professors behind them. I transferred into Newhouse my sophomore year and have grown to love SU, as a whole, even more since my switch.

Our communications school literally flies professionals into Newhouse to teach top-level courses and once I found that fact out, it became apparent to me why Newhouse ranks close to the top.

Not only do top-level executives, with real full-time jobs, fly into Syracuse to teach a course or two, per week, but Newhouse brings in phenomenal speakers. Some in the past have been the VP of communications of Disney World, editors of well-known magazines, TV anchors and staff of big Pr/magazine/ television firms, studios and companies.

A big talk around the campus right now is that Newhouse Alums are everywhere, literally. The famous Superbowl commercial about the new electric BMW was created behind the scenes by 3 Newhouse alumni!

Another exciting fact about the school is that Newhouse recently launched an online Master’s accounting program; the first of its kind at SU.

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