Did you know that the iSchool at Syracuse University is ranked as one of the top information technology schools in the nation?

Information technology is a growing a leading center for innovative programs in information policy, information behavior, information management, information systems, information technology and information services.

If you really love technology and Syracuse, you can even attend SU for longer than four years, because the iSchool offers programs for master’s, research and professional degrees too.

Aside from the prestigious iSchool campus classes, teachings go far beyond the University to places like Silicon Valley, California for spring break. As spring break is just about a month away (yes, only a month!), I thought it’d be appropriate to discuss the opportunities aside from going on a trip to Mexico or Florida and basking in the sun. In California, students have the opportunity to visit with entrepreneurs, startups like Facebook, Twitter, Klout, and Google to name a few, and prestigious universities like Stanford.

In five days, students visit 20 plus companies and learn the ins and outs about them, potentially leading to an internship or job down the road.

If you’d still rather go lay in the sun with friends and family instead of taking up the California exploration trip, there are other opportunities to take advantage of in the iSchool like Entretech NYC (visit companies, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the NYC life) in May and Data By The Lake (a graduate level exploratory course) in Chicago.

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