Brrrrrr. It’s chilly outside. Yes, it’s true, Syracuse gets snow and it does get pretty cold up here in Central New York. Sometimes getting out of your warm bed and trekking to class is not the easiest of tasks but you just do it in a long, down parka and a warm set of gloves with a big, bulky scarf, oh and some winter boots and you’ll be all warm, and ready to go.

But never let the cold get you down on the weekends. There are so many things to do here in Syracuse when the temperatures drop. For one, there is always the mall, Destiny USA. It’s seriously huge, almost big enough to spend an entire weekend in and still have fun. Not only is there shopping, but go-karting (indoors of course), mini golf, tons of restaurants, and a theater to name a few. Check out the mall website for more.

Let’s be real, you can’t go to the mall every weekend though, so some other fun outings in the area are:

Ice Skating at Clinton Square, Sunnycrest Park and Meacham Park.

Snow shoeing and skiing: Greek Peak Mountain Resort is a short drive from Syracuse. Twenty miles of snowshoe and cross-country ski trails wind through Highland Forest Park in nearby Fabius.

If outdoorsy adventures are not your cup of tea, go grab one (or a coffee) at the city’s multiple coffee shops, both local and chains. From Freedom of Espresso in Armory Square (a small boutiquey area downtown, about 12 minutes driving from campus), Starbucks, Roji Tea Lounge, or Café Kubal to name a few.

Winter, summer, spring or fall, there are always fun adventures happening in and around Syracuse!

Oh and never forget the Orange After Dark events that happen a few times a month on the weekends throughout the semester, that’ll take students to tons of fun places in the city. Last weekend I went cosmic bowling for only $3! Great deal and great time with friends.

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