Wow. I can’t believe it’s already 2015. My graduation year. Even more so, I can’t believe this DAY is here. The last first day of my undergraduate career, here at Syracuse University. My friends, family and alums of SU always assured me that “your time in college will fly by.” I shook it off as if four years couldn’t possibly go by that fast. After all, 4 years seems like a long time right? Wrong.

As I am about to head off to my first class this semester, in the cold, snowy City of Syracuse, a range of emotions is overcoming me: anxiety, thrill and readiness.

As the months progress, the real world gets closer and closer and I get more and more scared. Sometimes I don’t feel ready to move on, out of “the college life.” But I guess everyone is going to have to take that moment to get out and shine and whether we feel ready or not; it’s going to happen.

Hearing the extreme positivity and excitement from professionals that I’ve been networking with, just because I say I am a soon-to-be-Newhouse-graduate, is so empowering. I am so confident that the faculty here at Syracuse University will have prepared me so well to pursue all of my future endeavors upon my May graduation.

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