Yesterday, under the sunny, blue sky, our campus glistened. Not only did the sun help us shine, but Oprah Winfrey was visiting our campus dedicating the new 18 million dollar renovation to the Newhouse 2 building. Dick Clark Studios and the Alan Gerry Center for Media Innovation are featuring five new state-of-the-art television studios for Newhouse students.

From the luncheon, with over 400 Newhouse alumnus and selected students, to the outdoor lecture and ribbon cutting, Oprah was the driving force behind everyone’s utter excitement and Monday joy.

Winfrey, a huge television star, herself, host of “The Oprah Show,” and extremely generous philanthropist, it seemed appropriate to bring her to Syracuse to dedicate the new renovations.

Not only did Winfrey make an exciting appearance at SU, but she also went to the south side of the city – the Mary Nelson Youth Center—and donated $100,000 out of the kindness of her heart.

“It’s somebody who sees a need and seizes the opportunity to create from what they can. This is a woman who didn’t have a whole lot of means, but saw the need and took what she had. That’s really all that God, the universe asks of any of us – take what you have, do what you can, ” said Winfrey, at the Youth Center.

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