Syracuse Skyline

Beyond “The Hill” there’s so much to explore throughout the city Syracuse and the surrounding Central New York community. In fact, did you know that the basketball shot clock was invented in Syracuse, and the New York State Fair is the longest running State Fair in the country, dating all the way back to 1848! Just minutes away from campus, down I-81, you can shop ’til you drop, and a whole lot more at Destiny USA, the 6th largest shopping mall in the country! Next time you’re tuned into Food Network, pay special attention to the city they’re in, because you might just recognize community they’re in! There’s plenty of great dining throughout the city of Syracuse, many of which have been featured on numerous shows on Food Network. Whether it’s right on campus on Marshall Street, or downtown in Armory Square, there’s something for everyone! With over 40 museums and galleries downtown, entertainment, and as we know by now, plenty of great dining, the students on campus are never too far from all the happenings downtown, with free transportation on the Connective Corridor.When visiting us on campus, be sure to also check out to make the most of your visit!



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