“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience this summer,” is what I’ve said each and every day as I walk up to my office in the incredible Time Warner Center. With each new day comes something new, which makes coming to work that much more exciting. Just this past week, all the Time Warner interns (including HBO, Time Warner Corporate, Turner, and CNN) were invited to a Business Insights session with Jeff Bewkes, Chairman & CEO of Time Warner. In the one hour we had with Mr. Bewkes, we not only learned all about the story of the company as a whole, but his entire journey, his career advice for all of us, where the industry is going, and of course a full Q&A session. What was really great about this hour though was how Mr. Bewkes spent time asking us questions and wanting to hear our answers as the media landscape continues to change to reach the millennial generation.

Later on this week, I was invited to join the CNN interns for a special breakfast with Jeff Zucker, President of CNN. Being able to hear all about Mr. Zucker’s successful career with CNN, and previously with NBC Universal, was extremely insightful, and just added to the well-rounded experience that I’ve been able to have this summer at Turner Sports. The first thing that Mr. Zucker said to all of us was that nothing was off-limits, and we were free to ask away anything at all, at which point everyone’s eyes lit up (which doesn’t happen very often that early in the morning). We all knew from that point forward that we were in for a treat, because of the fact that we were able to sit there in the room and have a real conversation with an executive in the industry, and learn all about the ups and downs throughout his career, and where the media industry is heading next.

It’s incredible to come to Columbus Circle each and every morning this summer and swipe into a building where so much is happening, whether it’s entertainment on TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and more, or news on CNN, to of course my area, the high flying action of Turner Sports!

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