As I try to make the most of every moment that I have this summer in New York City, I knew that one of the highlights of the summer would be taking in the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. This summer I’ve immersed myself in the city as both a person who works and lives in the city, but at the same time, I’ve taken advantage of all the top tourist destinations (with still a few more to hit before the summer is complete).  While most of the day it was raining, come early evening, the weather took a turn, and it was time to head downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge to take in the 25 minute long fireworks show. These fireworks were unlike anything I’ve even thought would be possible, especially in New York City with security and precautions unlike anywhere else in the country taken into consideration. Fireworks being shot off of all angles of the bridge, under and over the bridge, and of course lighting up the sky behind the bridge, was definitely pretty cool to experience, especially being not too far off from them, since I was right on the East River. It’s safe to say, that these fireworks display provided for the perfect “Kodak Moment” (well at least over 150 photos on my iPhone).

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