So summer in the city has officially begun, and I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve been able to experience just in the first few short days in The Big Apple! This summer I’m interning at Turner Sports, which is located at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. On my first day at Turner, as I was walked around the office along with my fellow interns, I was asked where I’m going to school, needless to say by the time we got to the fourth person, the person we were being introduced to said “Let me guess, someone in this group goes to the ‘Cuse.” The Orange has had a presence at Turner for many years, and it’s great to be able to continue on the legacy of SU at One Time Warner Center. A few nights ago I had the great pleasure of attending an event at the Lubin House, Syracuse University’s alumni house in NYC, located right next to Central Park. That evening I was able to hear from a panel of six Syracuse alumni as they talked with us how to get the most out of our summer internship in the city. Learning all about their unique paths that have led them to where they are today was incredibly insightful, and was a great compliment to the many tips given by them so that we as SU interns in the city can make the most of our summer internship.

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