Live on the set of CBS This Morning

On April 17th & 18th I joined 38 other iSchool students along with 3 staff members on a road trip to New York City. After waking up at 3:45am, and stepping onto the bus at 4:45am, it was off to the Big Apple long before sunrise, for an experience unlike any other. This two-day road trip focused on the blend between technology and the entertainment and media industry, and included visits at: HBO, Six Flags Entertainment Company, ABC, Fox News, CBS, ¬†Madison Square Garden, and the Lubin House (SU’s home base for New York City operations). Every stop we made, we weren’t just given a tour of the offices, but we were given the opportunity to be fully immersed in the operations of that company, and were able to meet with executives, hiring managers, and SU alumni everywhere we visited. Each and every stop we made, I fully enjoyed, but there was one stop in particular that stood out and fully displayed what the “SU difference” is all about. While at Fox News, we were able to tour the offices and stand in-studio with one of Shepard Smith’s producers and see how the Fox News Deck (the studio for Shepard Smith’s 3pm show), comes to life and the multitude of advanced technologies that are all within one studio. It was truly incredible to see how Fox News combined social and digital media, news, and television into one studio show, and seeing it all come to life right in front of our eyes. That evening, the iSchool and Fox News sponsored a reception for us and iSchool alumni who are currently residing in NYC. This reception was unlike any other school reception I’ve ever been a part of, because during the reception all iSchool students had the chance to meet one-on-one with one of the three Fox News hiring mangers hosting us that evening to learn more about the opportunities available for internships and job opportunities, as well as to tell them more about our background experience and interests.¬†

It’s always incredible to see all the information that we learn in the classroom, come to life in the real world. I highly recommend any SU student to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you as a student, not just in the iSchool but in all of SU’s colleges. If you don’t utilize all the resources and networking opportunities that are available to you during your four years on campus, you’re doing SU wrong; put to use all that SU offers through these incredible experiential learning and networking opportunities.


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