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So what were you doing on December 10, 2010? I can’t even begin to remember what I was doing on December 10, 2013, but December 10th of 2010 will always be a day that I remember for years to come. As I was heading into downtown Washington, D.C. with my dad for a Washington Wizards game, my phone vibrated and I saw I received an email with the subject “Syracuse University Admission Notification.” I immediately opened the email, and clicked on the link, which brought me to a PDF of my acceptance letter to the College of Human Ecology (now known as the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics). I instantly told my dad the news, and he was incredibly proud and happy for me. As we were driving by the Washington Monument, I opened my Facebook app, and updated my status to “SYRACUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!” (give or take a few exclamation points). My dad said to me “What are you doing, call the house and tell mom,” so how’d I break the news to my mom of my acceptance to Syracuse University? I told her to check Facebook. Here’s the issue though, my mom doesn’t have a Facebook, so she had to have my younger sister go on and check my profile, I guess you could say my social media mindset took off from that point forward.

So now that you’re #SUbound, be sure to stay connected on Twitter and follow us @GoSyracuseU! If accepted, you’ll also receive an invitation in your email to join our Accepted Students Syracuse University App on Facebook, where you can connect and learn more about your fellow incoming peers. We look forward to seeing you up here on campus for our Accepted Student Days

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