It’s called the Tube or some call it the Underground. It’s the London public metro system that serves the central area and a bit beyond. With 270 stations and 250 miles of track, it’s quite the complicated system. The Tube now has 11 different lines and carries over 1 billion passengers every year.

If your head is already spinning hearing all those numbers, now try riding this thing called the Tube. I ride the Tube just about everyday, if not multiple times a day. It’s how people in London get from point A to B.

My first time on the Tube was nerve-wracking. So many different colors on the maps, so many different maps all over the stations and so many different stations you can go to. Then you have to know if you’re going east, west, north or south. It’s almost worse than taking an exam in calculus class trying to figure out this crazy system. Good thing there are many workers at every station to guide passengers in the right direction.

And now that I understand this system so well – like the back of my hand – literally, I can navigate any metro station…anywhere. It has been the biggest feeling of accomplishment since I’ve been in London. I can navigate the Tube! Do you think you could?


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