Would you say that you love Greek food? Well, maybe you love “American” Greek food. Because food in Greece is different than at least what I expected. My most favorite food while on Spring break was fava. If you try to order hummus in Greece, you will be served fava—mashed up fava beans. And if you think Greek, I’m sure pita and hummus pop into your mind. Well, in Greece, they don’t serve tzadziki (greek yogurt, dill and cucumber dip), or fava with pita unless you ask for it specifically and pay more.

And let’s talk about Greek salads for a quick second. They come out with no lettuce in Greece! I loved them! Feta cheese mounds like you’ve never seen before on top of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, onions, olives and sometimes green peppers. Yummy.

Other traditional entrees in Greece are: moussaka (oven-baked casserole with eggplant and meat topped with béchamel sauce—similar to lasagna), baklava (pastry with phyllo dough and a nutty cinnamon filling), and pastitsio (layered pasta, meat filling and creamy béchamel sauce baked in the oven). Bottom line is Greek food is amazing but very different than American Greek food.

Left: Greek salad
Right: Fava

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