Spring break was last week and I know so many of my friends went to amazing places to celebrate the week off from school. But so did I; I spent the week in Greece. My two friends and I flew into Athens, spent two days exploring Acropolis (which is far bigger than you would think), went to the Acropolis history museum and went to Plaka (a large tourist area filled with shops with souvenirs and jewelry and lots of yummy restaurants).

After our two days in Athens, we ventured on a huge ferry to the beautiful island of Santorini and then onto Paros. It may have been the off-season in the islands, and very quiet as a result, but my friends and I definitely had a good time from donkey rides up 900 steps to just seeing the hot springs (which are now considered only warm) and those beautiful colored Greek buildings. Santorini is definitely an island that I will return to in the summer months to enjoy those beaches and actually swim in the hot springs.

Left: Santorini
Right: The beauty of Red Beach

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