As I’m writing this blog post, I’m in the midst of Midterm Week (which for me has always been more like Midterm Weeks), and while it’s important to continuously study for all of your exams, it’s equally as important to make sure not to over-stress yourself during this time of year. During Midterm Week, I schedule when I’m going to study for what, in order to be most efficient with my time. As you transition to college, you learn that it takes time to figure out what works best for yourself, and how your study habits might change from high school to college. For some in high school, they study best by being in their room, whereas in college some study better outside of their room because they’ll be less distracted by everything around them. Throughout my three years at SU, where I choose to study has constantly changed, based on the class content, and where I believe I would study best for that particular class. As I said before, it’s important to make sure that you don’t over-stress yourself during Midterm Week to best comprehend all the material for all your classes. Take breaks as you switch which class you’re studying for, and do something that you enjoy, whether that’s playing a pick-up basketball game at Archbold Gymnasium, grabbing a bite to eat on Marshall Street, or write your next blog post (just as I’m doing right now).

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