Dover Castle

Everyone knows London, England for its premier shopping, English accents, big-city life and most importantly how expensive everything is! But did you also know that the areas two hours away from London house some beautiful castles, and cathedrals built way back in the day and still in use today? Well let me tell you a little about two of the places I saw this weekend.

Dover Castle is the largest castle in England. Built by Henry II in the 12th century, this castle is on a huge piece of land in a small town called Kent. The castle was used in World War II and even has a underground hospital, located in one of the stone tunnels. We were actually allowed to tour inside the hospital and you learn to appreciate, very quickly, how far medicine has advanced today.

The Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. It’s the cathedral of the leader of the Church of England. It was built in 597 (that is so long ago!), and has been completely restored since, but it is an absolutely gorgeous cathedral.


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