Have you ever visited a large outdoor market? How about one in the crazy, exciting city of London? Well, I have now been to one and once you hear all that I have to say about it, you’ll want to retrace my footsteps.

It’s called the Camden Market. It is the fourth-most popular visitor attraction in London, with approximately 100,000 people each weekend visiting. There is also one that I went to a few weeks ago, called Greenwich Market. But there was a distinct difference between the two. The Camden Market is one full of London souvenir apparel, key chains, a bit of jewelry and then you’ll also find a few music tents and fun London phone cases hanging around.

So Camden Market is in a busy area, lots of other shops around to pop into after you explore the fun marketplace: American Apparel, Vans and lots of different types of restaurants (it was here that I tried Indian food for the first time).

To compare, the Greenwich Market was larger and had a very large food variety: a vegan bakery, Asian cuisine to start. There was lots of jewelry, unique clothing styles, shoes and pretty London posters. I prefer this market over Camden, because I love my jewelry.

But whether you’re at the Camden Market area, the Greenwich Market or elsewhere in London, you’ll find all sorts of food options to try. My next restaurant will hopefully be one with Turkish food.

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One thought on “The Camden Market

  1. Tk says:

    I used to love Camden market until i realised that it was more of a tourist destination than a proper market. I say this because i think it is very expensive and caters more for tourists than Londerners

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