Little gestures like this make winter fun.

As a native of South Carolina where snow is even rarer than hearing “you guys,” I have spent the last 10 years of my life inching northward for my professional career, finally landing in Syracuse. In college, I had friends from upstate NY and I was constantly curious about their experiences with snow. I thought they were very brave. My family in SC now sees me that way (plus a little crazy). This is what I tell them:

  • It’s not that bad.
  • Syracuse is situated perfectly, right below the heavy snow bands. Sure, we get a lot of snow, but it’s usually not as bad as what’s reported on the news.
  • It is truly a winter wonderland.
  • People still go outdoors. I see happy runners in temperatures as low as -10.
  • Winter sports are everywhere. There’s a ski slope only 12 miles from campus and I sometimes see people cross-country skiing down sidewalks.
  • Basketball thrives no matter what. I went to a Sunday night game recently and although there was a near blizzard and the drive to the Dome was dicey, there were still 25,000+ screaming fans.

So, find yourself a good, no GREAT, coat and don’t fear the winter. Once you make it through your first one, you’ll think of it as a cool badge of honor. No pun intended.

My new winter hobby.    Busses take students out for a night of skiing.

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