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When you’re getting ready to go to college, one of the most scary/exciting things to think about is dorm life. What will your room look like? Who will your roommate be? What’s it like using a communal bathroom? What will the kids on your floor be like? Syracuse University has a wonderful program that helps ease some of these fears and create immediate connections between floormates; it is called the Learning Community program.

There are over 30 different learning communities (LCs) at SU, they are based on both academic interest and lifestyle choices. There is the Public Health LC for students in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (LCS) LC for engineering and computer science students, there is the Generation Q: An LGBTQ LC open to all students, and the Living in a Free Environment (LIFE) LC for students living drug and alcohol free. Those are just a few from which you can choose.

I have personal experience in both the Public Health and the LIFE LCs. Freshman year the Public Health LC helped me make immediate connections with the students on my floor based on our majors. It also helped me study and do homework in a group setting because everyone was taking similar classes. I moved to the LIFE community sophomore year and had another great experience in that LC with people who had similar mindsets and values to my own. So, before you apply for housing next semester, check out the learning communities at http://lc.syr.edu and see if one appeals to you. It could be a great way to start off your SU experience!



Meet this Mystery Blogger: Colleen Bennis

About Colleen: Colleen is a junior Public Relations major with minors in Sport Hospitality and Event Management and Political Science. She is from East Northport, NY on Long Island. She is actively involved in SU’s student run PR firm, Hill Communications, and is vice president of the Wellness, Health, Exercise and Education in Life club.

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