So you might’ve heard, it snows a lot in Syracuse (in fact according to AccuWeather, Syracuse University is the 2nd snowiest college in America, but that doesn’t slow us down one bit. Our new Chancellor, Kent Syverud even said the following in his weekly email to the university (which he’s been engaging in since becoming Chancellor in January) “It snows a lot in Syracuse. Like the students on the hill, I think we should revel in it. Not for us the wimpy schools where a mere forecast of flurries sends people in panic to markets to hoard milk. In Syracuse, we can handle anything you throw at us and convert it into a toboggan run.”

Coming to Syracuse University from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area was definitely a big transition, as I was now going to classes, no matter how much snow was outside, and no matter how cold it was (and still is). Before coming to Syracuse, I was used to being off from school, or at least having a 2-hour delay if snowfall was expected, and now that I’m at Syracuse, when it’s expected to snow (which happens quite often), it isn’t a matter of how many hours classes will be delayed, but a matter of how many layers I need to wear. It’s amazing how quickly the sidewalks and roads are cleared throughout campus and the city of Syracuse, allowing for everyone to continue on with their everyday lives as if there were no wintery conditions outside. Now while Syracuse hasn’t closed for severe weather conditions since I’ve been a student at SU (except for Hurricane Sandy, when the entire state of New York was shutdown for a day), the university did have an “early dismissal” on February 5th because of a sudden change in weather conditions, and the nature of the storm in an effort to get all students and faculty home safely before road conditions worsened. While I’m still waiting for my first “Snow Day” at SU, it’s definitely been a great journey as I’ve been accustomed with carrying on with my everyday life, no matter how many inches of snow is outside.

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