England has an endless list of amazing sites to see. Syracuse has organized so many trips already from Stonehenge to the Camden and Greenwich Markets. All of the organized trips are inexpensive or free.

This past weekend was Love London Weekend; this was a weekend, all scheduled by Syracuse abroad advisors, who planned operas, theater shows, visits to famous places, a ride on the London Eye, boat tours and much, much more. Again, most of the events were low cost to free of charge.

Now for the places that I have gone and attended during Love London Weekend: Stonehenge trip, Greenwich tour, London Eye flight, The Eye boat tour and the open bus night tour (a really cool drive through all parts of beautiful London).

The London Eye flight was my most favorite excursion. It’s like a giant Ferris wheel that gives you the opportunity to take stunning pictures of the city. But, it becomes a problem when it rains, which it does here probably 4/7 days per week.

Another trip that was very cool and picturesque was Stonehenge. It was a 2.5 hour drive from Central London (where I live and where Faraday is), but the long Coach ride was well worth the amazing pictures we got!


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2 thoughts on “Places I’ve Visited So Far…

  1. 4F Consultatns says:

    London Eye is one of my favorite. I love this giant wheel . It looks awesome and makes me want to get in it anytime i see it. Love it so much.

  2. Garry says:

    The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. Also known as the Millennium Wheel and worth to visit. England is best for those who planned operas, theatre shows, visits to famous places, a ride on the London Eye and also the boat tours is best for doing some fun. Additionally we can enjoy there lots of events with low cost to free of charge.

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