I know you have heard about time management before, but have you really used it during high school? College is a whole new world where you are trying to find yourself and joining different organizations and teams to have fun. Being committed to other activities outside of class can be time consuming, and I would know! As a junior who is Co-Director for SU/ESF Habitat for Humanity, a chapter member of PRRSA, and a mentor to two different mentoring organizations…I live and breathe time management.

Having a planner will be a necessity you will need for the rest of your life. It is one of the best and successful ways in knowing how to manage your time. Writing down all essays and tests in advance will give you time in knowing what you should and shouldn’t be doing during the weekend. It allows you to be in control and stay on top of your classes and remember you came here to get an education! It decreases stress and if you do the things you have to do than you will have time to do the things you want to do.  You should try it out, it might just help!


Meet this Mystery Blogger: Danielle Benavides

About Danielle: Danielle Benavides is a junior majoring in Public Relations. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and is an Executive Director for SU/ESF Habitat for Humanity as well as a mentor for FullCIRCLE.

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One thought on “Time Management in College

  1. presidency* says:

    Ya really a good thing whatever i heard from top. Most important thing for studies is planning. Because when you studying in some courses like MBA or MCA means having man y subjects. so without plan cannot able to study it perfectly. Already i have done my MBA College life like that only in Bangalore. After that i came Top ranking in the College in south side.

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