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Extremely eventful are the words I would use to classify my first full week here. I’ve already learned so much about myself and this amazing place. I’ve been trying all sorts of foods and just exploring as much as possible.

One of my goals is to try every ethnicity of food found in London. So far, I can cross Greek, Lebanese, Mexican and Indian off my list. My roommates and I went to Chipotle and it was delicious—better guacamole than home! But it’s dangerously expensive because 6.50 on the menu here means about $11.00 at home for a burrito: eek!

Anyways, let’s not forget that aside form trying all sorts of food. I am here to study. My classes at Faraday (the SU abroad site here) are pretty interesting. Different from classes in Syracuse because you only have 4-5 classes once a week, each for a 3-hour block. And, if you’re lucky, you will only have class 3 days a week (like me!). They may be a busy three days, but it’s nice to have long weekends so you can travel all around Europe.

I am taking a communications and diversity course, a criminal psychology class, a theatrical course (we go see plays and discuss them in class!), a architectural history of London class (we take fieldtrips to cool buildings and learn about their history!) and a political science course about religion. The coolest part about the classes here is that many classes are out visiting sites around London and not simply sitting in the classroom.

During orientation, we were told, “you’ll learn more outside your classes than you will in them, that’s how amazing this journey will be for you.” I can say I completely agree!

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