Remember those high school homecoming days where you dressed up for different themes for the entire week prior to the big dance at the end of the week? I remember them well. Good news: you can still relive those homecoming days here at SU. Everything is focused around “orange,” and I mean everything. This event is called Orange Central, and literally everything is orange. You may think everything and everyone is already orange around campus all the time, but a little more vibrancy is added during homecoming week festivities.

This year, homecoming took place last week, with exciting festivities like games, prizes, food and free t-shirt giveaways, a career fair for future employment opportunities, a trivia night, Greek house decorating competitions, live performances at the student center (Schine), wonderful guest lecturers, a luncheon with alumni, the famous pep rally and then of course the kickoff football game where SU took on the Clemson Tigers.

“Orange Central is one of my favorite weeks of the semester, on campus. From the fun and games to the serious future building events, there is fun in it for everyone,” said Miriam Ferguson, a junior child and family studies and psychology dual major.

As if Orange Central isn’t enough of a blast, there is also great opportunity to network with past SU students, who return and join in on our homecoming celebrations. So, get your orange on and make a strong effort to join some fun Orange Central festivities.

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