When you start your college journey, coffee becomes your best friend. Whether you are a fan of it now or can’t stand the bitter taste, you’ll grow to love it, especially if you buy it from People’s Place.

People’s Place is a student run, non-for-profit coffee shop. They offer great food, cheap prices, and a unique atmosphere. Located under Hendricks Chapel, I didn’t even find out about People’s Place until my sophomore year, here at SU. But, I am teaching you about all the small coffee shop has to offer, now, so you have no excuse for not knowing it existed until sophomore year, like me. Now, I always make the trek for delicious tasting coffee in my free time.

If you aren’t a coffee lover, even after you begin college, they have plenty of tea choices to satisfy your taste buds. My favorite kind is the Ginger Peach Green Tea; it has strong flavor and doesn’t simply taste like hot water! The food options at People’s Place ranges from bagels and donuts to fresh fruit and sandwiches. However, new this year, People’s Place now offers fresh salads, Chobani yogurt and a plethora of pumpkin items from coffee to muffins.

When you do venture to People’s Place for the first time, you must try their widely known drink: Austin Powers. It’s a mixture of hot chocolate, coffee and chocolate milk and is to die for. But remember one thing when you visit, it’s cash only! No cards are accepted. Good thing you only need a dollar to get yourself a great drink!

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