Transfer Requirements

If you enrolled in an institution of higher education as a full-time student after graduating from secondary school and received graded credit in academic coursework, please apply as a transfer student.

What is required to apply?

  • Common Application
  • One academic recommendation
  • The College Report from the school you currently attend and each college and/or university you’ve previously attended.  The College Report Form is available for download on the Syracuse page of the Common Application.  If you are reactivating a previous application to SU you may download the College Report Form PDF and submit.
  • Most recent college transcript, in addition to any transcripts from colleges that you previously attended or took classes.
  • If you have completed fewer than 30 college credits at the time you apply, you must provide the following:
    • Standardized test scores
    • Official copy of your final high school transcript
    • See College Requirements for any additional items for the college to which you are applying.

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