First Year Requirements
  • You must be enrolled in, or have graduated from, an accredited secondary school. If you are a home-schooled student, please review the home-school requirements/policies.
  • Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) are required if you are a domestic student or an international student studying in the U.S. or studying overseas in an American or international school.  Syracuse University does not require or consider the SAT subject tests.  Both the old SAT and the new revised SAT will be accepted. If you are taking the new revised SAT, the essay is not required.
  • Although not a requirement for admission, the best way to academically prepare for college is to take a college preparatory curriculum, including four years of each English, science, social studies, and mathematics (through geometry and intermediate algebra), and minimum of three years of a foreign language.

What is required to apply?

  • Common Application
  • Official Secondary School Transcript
  • Senior Year Grade Report
  • Standardized test scores: SAT (old or new) or ACT.  Essay is not required with the new SAT.  ACT writing section is not required.
  • Secondary School Counselor Evaluation
  • Two Academic Recommendations
  • Early Decision Agreement (if you are applying ED)
  • See College Requirements for any additional items for the college to which you are applying.

Applying for a Discovery Program? You will indicate this on the Common Application.  Due to visa application requirements, students applying to a Discovery Program for the fall 2017 semester must be at least 18 years of age by July 1, 2017.