When I visited, I couldn’t stop “bragging” about how awesome the Syracuse University campus is, the athletics, the support that the professors offer, etc.  If you can describe, sell, and persuade a friend or family member about Syracuse, then it’s the right choice for you. In April, you see everyone panicking to decide what school to attend. The best benefit of applying Early Decision is knowing where you will attend school in December – it takes the biggest weight off of your shoulders.  – Neil Winston



Applying ED is a good idea because it shows the university you are very interested and serious about attending and admissions will have an easier time remembering you.  This was a great decision because while the rest of my friends were stressing about applications, I had already applied to my top school.  I was actually able to enjoy my senior year of high school because I was not stressing like other people I knew. – Delana Williams



I chose to apply ED because Syracuse was my first choice for colleges. I wanted to give myself a better chance of being admitted by applying against a smaller pool of people. It was a good decision for me because I was 100% set on Syracuse and I believe I had a better chance getting in through the ED process. – Molly Nelson


Since the college application process is a stressful ordeal, if you know that Syracuse is the place you want to be, then Early Decision is the right path for you. Your achievements on your resume will shine in the smaller applicant pool and by applying early you will show your desire to attend SU. – Jeff Cucinell