Early Decision

Early Decision 2

The demand for Early Decision at Syracuse University has been so great that an Early Decision 2 (ED2) option is now being offered. The ED2 deadline is January 1 and applicants will be notified by early February.  Apply now.


Why Early Decision?
  • Your application will stand out

The University appreciates and recognizes your commitment to the institution. Plus, there is a much smaller pool of applications for Early Decision compared to Regular Decision.

  • There’s a greater chance of admission

The admit rate is higher for Early Decision. You have the opportunity to list a second and third choice of college/program on your application and are guaranteed to be reviewed for your second and third choice.

  • You’ll receive full consideration for financial aid

All Early Decision applicants receive the same consideration for financial aid and merit scholarships as Regular Decision applicants. Should you be admitted, you’ll receive your financial aid award in January.

  • You’ll have a decision earlier

Get the application process out of the way and enjoy the rest of your senior year! Save on application fees – if you’re admitted you don’t have to submit applications to other schools.

  • Apply earlier to residential Learning Communities

Every year more freshmen request to live in a Learning Community. Acceptance into a Learning Community is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early Decision students have early access to the housing application. Learn why students applied for Early Decision.

Important Information

Early Decision is binding, but only if you’re admitted to your first choice of college/program. If you’re admitted to your second or third choice, you’ll have until May 1 to reply to the offer of admission. Early Decision Agreement Submission of the ED Agreement can be done electronically through the Common Application, or by filling out the PDF and submitting by mail or by fax to 315-443-8427.