My Common Application essay uploaded wrong/there is text missing. What do I do now?

Please send your essay to the Office of Admissions at and an Admissions officer will attach it to your application.

My teacher is unable to load the teacher recommendation form from the Common Application website.

Please have your teacher email your recommendations directly from his/her school email address to us at or have them sent to us by mail. To find the proper mailing address, visit the Application Mailing Addresses page.

I haven’t received confirmation of my application submission from the Common Application yet.

You will receive an email confirmation once we have received your application. This can take up to two weeks from submission. The e-mail will include the process for setting up your MySlice account, which will provide you access to your Admissions and Financial Aid To-do lists. If you have not received confirmation after two weeks, you are welcome to email to have someone in the office check for you.

The extracurricular section of the Common Application is limited to a list of 10 activities and I have more to add.

You may send your resume or additional activities to the Office of Admissions at and an Admissions officer will add it to your application.

I wish to apply to a dual major that is not listed in supplement. (For example, I’m interested in a major in the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science plus a major in the Setnor School of Music.)

All of the dual majors to which you may apply are included as options for you to select on the application. If you are interested in pursuing a double major that is not offered, you may work with your faculty advisor(s) to do so once you are a student on campus. For now, choose the single enrollment college and major on the application that best fits your interests and include a second and third choice as applicable to your interests.

I already submitted my application but I’ve changed my mind about the major I want to apply to. How do I correct this?

Send an email to and be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and SU ID number (if you have it). Indicate what program(s) you originally applied to and what you would like your new program(s) to be.

On the Common Application supplement I am asked “What activities at Syracuse University interest you?” but I’m only given the choice to indicate an interest in study abroad. Where do I enter my other interests?

You may indicate other extracurricular interests you have in the Common Application or by sending an email to

Can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for? You can also check out the Common App FAQs, or give an Admissions counselor a call at 315.443.3611.