General FAQs

What parts of the Common Application are required for Syracuse University?

Once you select Syracuse University as one of your selected schools, it will be added to your Dashboard. You will see there are two items to complete, the Application and the Writing Requirements. The Application includes:

  • Questions
  • FERPA Agreement
  • Assign Recommenders
  • Application fee payment – $75*

These sections must be completed in order to submit your application.

*Refer to the question below about qualifying for a fee waiver.

How do I submit my application if I have a fee waiver?

In the “Profile” section of the Common Application you will indicate and sign that you qualify for a fee waiver, based on the indicators of economic need listed in this section. This will allow you to submit your application without paying the fee.  Once you submit your application, be sure to submit the appropriate documentation to Syracuse University to show that you qualify for the fee waiver such as a fee waiver from the CollegeBoard or NACAC, or a letter from your counselor indicating that you qualify for a fee waiver.

I’m applying Early Decision. Where do I find the ED Agreement form?

  • There is no separate form, unless your school is using Naviance eDocs. If this is the case, a PDF of the ED Agreement will appear in the “Assign Recommenders” section.
  • You will indicate in the “Questions” section of the Syracuse University Member Page that your preferred admission plan is Early Decision. Once you do, you will see a box of text explaining the terms of Early Decision. Select “Yes” for this statement.
  • An additional box of text indicating that you have read and understand the terms of Early Decision, for which you should select “Yes”
  • You will be prompted to submit your electronic ED Signature.
  • Once you sign, you will see in the “Assign Recommenders” section that you will need to invite a parent via email. Once they receive the email, your parent will be able to sign electronically. In addition, your counselor will also receive notice to sign electronically.

If you applied for Regular Decision and now want to apply for ED/EDII, or if you’re having difficulty completing the electronic signatures, you may download and complete the ED Agreement PDF and mail, e-mail, or fax to us at:

Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center
Early Decision Review
P.O. Box 37324
Syracuse University
Syracuse NY 13235
Fax: 315-443-8427 

Will I receive confirmation when Syracuse University receives my application?

You will receive an email confirmation from the University once your applications are received. This can take up to 3-5 days from the time you submit through the Common Application. The e-mail will allow you to access your SU ID number and will include the process for setting up your MySlice account, which will provide you access to your Admissions and Financial Aid To-do lists. If you have not received confirmation after two weeks, you are welcome to email to have someone in the office check for you. Please note, Syracuse University will begin uploading applications from the Common Application beginning early September.  If you submit your application prior to September 1, it may be a few weeks before you receive confirmation.


Additional Syracuse University Questions

What is the word count max/min for the questions in the Additional Information section?

While there is no word minimum, please answer in a few sentences or 1-2 paragraphs. Responses should be less than 250 words.

Please note: There will be an additional question(s)  on this page if you are applying to the Citizenship and Civic Engagement program in The College of Arts and Sciences or a Discovery Program, or if you indicated that you’d like to be considered for other options based on your interests and qualifications.  The answers to these questions should also be kept to 250 words or less.

Do I have to select three choices for college/plan?

No.  You must indicate your preferred choice, the second and third choice are optional.  You may not be admissible to your first-choice however, you can still be considered for other colleges/plans if space remains. If you only want to be considered for one college/plan, you should select it as your first choice and do not fill out the additional fields.  You may also indicate that you would like to be considered for other options that may be a good fit based on your academic qualifications and interests.

I wish to apply to a dual major that is not listed in supplement. (For example, I’m interested in a major in the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science plus a major in the Setnor School of Music.)

All of the dual majors to which you may apply are included as options for you to select on the application. If you are interested in pursuing a double major that is not offered, you may work with your faculty advisor(s) to do so once you are a student on campus. For now, choose the single enrollment college and major on the application that best fits your interests and include a second and third choice as applicable to your interests. Please refer to the list of dual/combined enrollment options.

I already submitted my application but I’ve changed my mind about the major I want to apply to. How do I correct this?

Send an email to and be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and SU ID number (if you have it). Indicate what program(s) you originally applied to and what you would like your new program(s) to be.

I’m applying to the College of Arts and Sciences. Why is it asking me about Discovery Programs?

Applicants to The College of Arts and Sciences have the option of applying for Discovery Programs which allow students to spend the fall semester of their freshman year in Florence, Madrid, or Strasbourg. If you do not wish to apply for a Discovery Program, select “No” in the drop down menu.


 Art/Video/Portfolio Supplements

Several programs require portfolios and/or auditions with the application. If you are applying to the College of Visual and Performing Arts for a program in the School of Art and Design or the Department of Drama, you may submit your portfolio or audition in person or online through SlideRoom. If you plan to submit online you should indicate this on the Common Application in the Syracuse University Questions section.

If you are applying to the School of Architecture you may submit your portfolio through SlideRoom, by mail, or have your portfolio review in person. Please follow the instructions on submitting your portfolio for the School of Architecture.

Only portfolios or auditions for programs in these areas can be submitted through the Common Application via SlideRoom. If you are applying to the Setnor School of Music, please follow the instructions on submitting your audition to the Setnor School of Music.

Can I submit a portfolio/DVD/recording to enhance my application even if I’m not applying to a program for which it is required?

No. Syracuse University does not accept or review these items if they are not required for the program to which you are applying. You should answer “No” for the question asking if you intend to submit a portfolio or audition online.

I plan to have my portfolio review or audition in person. Do I also have to submit through the Common Application?

No. If you are applying to the School of Architecture, or the Departments of Art, Design, Drama, or Transmedia, you will need to choose whether you want to have your portfolio review or audition in person. If you intend to do so in person, you should answer “No” for the question asking if you intend to submit a portfolio or audition online.  Note, if you are applying to the School of Architecture you may also submit your portfolio by mail.

How can I schedule my portfolio review or audition in person?

More information, including dates and locations, can be found here:

Can I submit my portfolio or audition before submitting the Common Application?

If you intend to submit online rather than in person, you will need to submit your application prior to submitting your portfolio or audition through SlideRoom.

Can I submit my audition for the Setnor School of Music through the Common Application and Slideroom?

If you are applying to programs in the Setnor School of Music, do not select “Yes” to submit an audition online. The Setnor School of Music requires an audition for performance-based programs, and the audition cannot be submitted through the Common Application. Please review further instructions for submission of music auditions.

Do I need to submit an audition or portfolio if I’m applying to the College of Visual and Performing Arts or the School of Architecture as my second or third choice?

Yes. If you are applying to ANY program for which it is required, even if it’s not your first choice, you will not be considered unless you submit the portfolio or audition.

May I submit a portfolio/DVD/video of my work if I’m not applying to the College of Visual and Performing Arts or the School of Architecture?

No. Please do not submit these items if you are not applying to a program for which an audition or portfolio is required.  The admissions committee is not able to review these items.


Activities and Recommenders

The extracurricular section of the Common Application is limited to a list of 10 activities and I have more to add.

You may send your resume or additional activities to the Office of Admissions at and an Admissions officer will add it to your application.

Can I submit a letter of recommendation from someone other than academic teacher?

Your two academic recommenders must be teachers from your core academic subjects. You may submit an additional recommendation from someone such as an art/music teacher, coach, or work supervisor if you feel this person would be able to provide additional insight to your academic abilities and personal character.

My teacher is unable to load the teacher recommendation form from the Common Application website.

Please have your teacher email your recommendations directly from his/her school email address to us at or have them sent to us by mail. To find the proper mailing address, visit the Application Mailing Addresses page.

As a transfer applicant, whom should I submit as the Registrar in the “Assign Recommenders” section?

You may enter the name of the person who will submit your official academic transcript or an academic/career advisor. Syracuse University does not require a recommendation or school report from your registrar.