• Experienced staff members are available on-campus and at SU centers to assist with your transition to life abroad and later to the SU campus in Syracuse.
  • Upon arrival to your program, you’ll take part in a Full Immersion Weekend, which allows you to spend time with your host family and to become familiar with SU facilities and the surrounding city. Most other weekends are open for field study or independent travel.
  • All Discovery students participate in the abroad equivalent of the First Year Forum offered by the College of Arts and Sciences on SU’s main campus. The goal is to orient you to college life, SU, and studying abroad. You’ll discuss host families, cultural adjustment, time management, study habits, expectations of college-level courses, choosing a major, and more.
  • After the Discovery semester, students are guaranteed on-campus housing in Syracuse and are assigned to a room either with, or near, fellow Discovery students. This facilitates an easier transition to residence hall living.