Five courses are typically offered for the fall term, including the First Year Forum and Italian language, for a total of 16 credit hours. The offerings listed below are typical of the courses regularly offered.

CAS 101 First Year Forum (1 credit)

This seminar welcomes new students to Syracuse University. The course helps one develop closer relationships with peers and a professor, and eases the entrance into University life. Special topics will introduce and orient students to Florence and Italy, and discuss adjusting to a new culture.

WRT 105 – Studio 1: Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits)

In WRT 105 you will focus on critical analysis and argument, practices that are central to the academic work at university, as well as in professional careers. The course will involve you in a shared topic of inquiry—an urgent issue that requires multiple points of view and kinds of knowledge— that you will engage with through readings, a range of informal and formal writing assignments, a modest amount of database and web research, and a lot of conversation with your classmates. You will compose for different audiences and experiment with a range of rhetorical approaches. You will learn to revise and refine your ideas with the feedback and suggestions of peers and the instructor. You will deepen your reading practices as you read both popular and academic essays. The course is structured on a studio model so that each and every day in class you and your peers will collaborate on, discuss, and share texts and ideas, and you will invent, compose and revise in class as well as outside of class. This course satisfies a Liberals Arts Core requirement for writing, except for students who receive AP credit toward writing. Students eligible to receive AP credits toward writing will be offered an alternate course.

HOA 121 Italian Art and Society from Ancient to Modern Times (3 credits)

Explore centuries of Italian art and culture amidst the joyous living museum that is Florence. This course provides an introduction to the study of art history with some of the world’s most celebrated buildings, sculptures, and paintings as your real-life examples. You’ll also examine corresponding cultural contexts via topics that include Ancient Rome, the rise of Islam, Humanist Florence, Futurism, and more. May include a study tour in addition to site visits in Florence (with a course fee billed from Syracuse).  This course satisfies a Core Curriculum requirement for humanities.

PSC 141 Liberty and Power from the Ancient World to Modernity (3 credits)

What forces have shaped your personal perspectives on justice, equality, and authority? With the cradle of the Italian Renaissance as a fitting backdrop, you’ll engage the juggernauts of social theory including Florence’s own Machiavelli, plus More, Kant, Locke, Wollstonecraft, and other foundational thinkers. Through their eyes – and via your own interactive projects – you’ll explore the historical relationships between morality and politics, politics and religion, the foundations of legitimacy through democratic consensus, and the birth of feminism. This course satisfies a core curriculum requirement for Social Science.

ITA 101 Italian I (6 credits)

Introductory proficiency-based course which prepares students to understand, speak, read, and write in culturally authentic contexts. Activities are conducted in Italian. This course meets daily, Monday through Thursday. Other Italian language courses are available for students who are prepared for a higher level of study, based on a placement exam.

All School Field Trips

During the semester, there will be a number of all-school field trips that provide students, including Discovery Florence participants, the opportunity to learn about the history, art, architecture, and culture of Italy through traveling to other cities and regions of the country.