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Students will be advised during the summer before departure by both the Syracuse-based SU Abroad staff and by a senior faculty member from the College of Arts and Sciences, who will also serve as their advisor for the rest of the year (helping to choose spring courses during registration in November as well as advising throughout the spring semester). In addition to ongoing communication with students throughout the semester, the advisor will visit Madrid a week early in the fall semester to talk with students and to help with their initial adjustment to being abroad and to college expectations.

First Year Forum

All Discovery Madrid students will participate in the Madrid equivalent of the First-Year Forum offered by the College of Arts and Sciences on main campus. The goal of the forum is to orient the student to college life, to SU, and to studying abroad. Students will discuss host families, cultural adjustment, time management, study habits, expectations of college-level courses, choosing a major, and more. This course will be taught by staff in Madrid with input from the associate dean for curriculum and instruction of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Living with a Spanish Host Family

Discovery Madrid students will live with Spanish hosts either within the city of Madrid or in the immediate outskirts on a bus line. This enables you to use the Spanish you’ve learned in class and develop insight into Spanish culture that cannot be achieved any other way. Hosts vary from traditional family to single professionals. The housing coordinator in Madrid makes the placements based on extensive experience with each host.

Students usually eat their mid-day meal at one of the cafés or student restaurants. Continental breakfasts are provided by the host family every day, and evening meals are provided weekdays.

Students themselves repeatedly describe the host family experience as the best part of being abroad.

Check out Living With Your Host Family Guidelines.

Academic Resources

The Madrid campus offers access to computer labs (including printers and wireless access) during business hours. Additionally, several local cafés provide wireless access to their customers.

Cell Phones

Most students purchase cell phones during their stay in Madrid. Further information will be provided during orientation in Madrid.

Program Field Study

During the semester, SU Madrid arranges study tours to important regions and cities in Spain. Students may participate in these trips if they are compatible with their schedules.